What is fire extinguisher?

The simple guide you should know

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Fire extinguisher is the best equipment to stop fire from spreading. The best tool to prevent fire from spreading is the extinguisher. There are few important things you should know:

1.Know the 5 Fire Extinguisher types:

Dry Chemical Powder

CO2 Carbon Dioxide

Wet Chemical



Fire Extinguisher Type

Dry powder fire extinguisher is the most effective all round model for use in the home or on a vehicle due to its impressive coverage of multiple fire classes. They generally come as ABE or BE variants and are rated for use on those types of fires. As an added bonus they are safe to use on electrical fires too which is an impressive extension to their usage.

CO2 Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher is the only model that is recommended for a fire involves electrical equipment. The carbon dioxide gas once it has been discharged does not produce or leave any kind of residue as would happen if a powder or foam model was deployed. Another great use of the CO2 extinguisher is for fires that involve flammable liquids, making this quite a versatile product.

CO2 Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher  works well on electrical appliances that may cause fire. There are times minor sparks set the other electrical cables on fire as well and  CO2 fire extinguisher is designed best to deal with this type of fire.

A wet chemical fire extinguisher can be used in putting out kitchen fires. Fires brought by substances such as cooking oil, vegetable oil and the like. It gradually forms a seal around the burning oil to prevent oxygen from reigniting existing flames. The extinguisher is also distinct for it is known to extinguish fires in a progressive manner, rather than suddenly eliminating flames. Even specialists claim that a sudden move could aggravate fire incidents if it involves cooking oils and burning fats.

Foam fire extinguishers, by comparison, contain foam that forms a film rapidly. This knocks down flames. The film on top of the foam seals in vapours and prevents the fire from getting oxygen, so that it can’t reignite. All foam fire extinguishers are a good solution for situations where both class A and B fires.

Air pressurized water fire extinguishers use ordinary water to suppress fire. The water is propelled by ordinary air, pressurized in the extinguisher. Water fire extinguishers are efficient and cost effective against Class A fires involving, Paper, Textiles, Wood, Plastics and Rubber. We at Fire Products Direct value your safety, therefore we make sure that our product is effective and is made with quality.

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The classification of fire depends on the fuel source. The different sources are:

o Flammable solids like paper and woods

o Flammable liquids like oil and grease

o Electricity

o Flammable metals such as magnesium and sodium

2. Where to place fire extinguisher?

Place it somewhere accessible and visible, at the workplace place them near the hallways and exits. At home, place extinguishers near the different areas of the house. See to it that family members can get to it when needed.

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3.How to use fire extinguisher?

Even if the device is accessible, it is useless if no one knows how it works. It is easy to use. Just remember the word PASS. It stands for the following:

o P – This stands for pulling of the pin off the top of the device. Pulling the pin is a way to unlock the device.

o A – This stands for aiming at the base of the flame. Before releasing its content, point the nozzle at the source of fire. Aiming at the flame will not stop the fire.

o S – The first S stands for squeeze. Squeeze the handle to release the content of the extinguisher.

o S – The second S is for the sweeping motion. While squeezing the lever to release, do a sweeping motion. This is necessary to put out the fire from its base.

All the adults at home should know how to use the tool. In the workplace, you can invite someone to conduct fire safety training. Teaching the employees on how to use the extinguisher is part of it.

4. Maintenance

These devices need maintenance, you may not need to use the device until it is ten years old, so you had better make sure that they are in top shape. Remember that the different types of devices need different maintenance requirement. Water extinguishers are different from co2 fire extinguisher. To be certain, consult the manufacturer.

5. Signs found on their label

Certain types of extinguishers can handle multiple classes of fire. The sign on the label will indicate this. Check the different signs so that you will know when you can use it.

Knowing certain information about the fire extinguisher will help you understand its importance. You will also end up using the right type and saving your property and your life.

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