How to Use Fire Hose Reel?

Fire hose reel is located at strategic places in buildings to provide a reasonably accessible and controlled supply of water for fire extinguishing.Fire hose reel systems consist of pumps, pipes, water supply and hose reels located strategically in a building, ensuring proper coverage of water to combat a fire.

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36m Fire Hose Reel & 50m Fire Hose Reel manually operated and activated by opening a valve enabling the water to flow into the hose that is typically 30 meters away. The system pressure loss will activate the pump ensuring adequate water flow and pressure to provide a water jet of typically a minimum of 10 meter from the nozzle.

  • Turn on the stop valve
  • Run out the length of the hose as required
  • Turn on the water at the nozzle, direct the stream at base of fire
  • Ensure you leave a direct egress path between you and the nearest exit door/ egress route

What are the different sizes of fire hose?

Fire Hose Reel 36m – 50m – 36m Stainless Steel

Where fire hose reels are to be located?

  • Fire hose reels must be located within 4m of an exit. Sometimes it is not possible to provide the system coverage with hose reels located near exits, in these cases, it is permissible to locate extra fire hose reels “in the paths of travel to an exit”
  • Generally, separate hose reels are to be provided for each storey of the building. In some restricted cases a multistorey sole occupancy unit may be served by a single fire hose reel located at the entrance/exit level.
  • A fire hose reel should not be located such that it is required to take the hose through a fire or smoke door to fight a fire. Again, there are limited exceptions to this rule.
  • Fire hose reels need to be clearly marked with white letters on a red sign located 2m or more above the floor. Operating signage need to be visible within 2m of the reel.
  • The hose and hydrant valve need to be accessible and not obstructed by furniture. The design needs to consider how the hose will be unreeled and the height of the reel needs to be within regulated limits (1.4-2.4m)
  • Fire hose reels need to be mounted robustly. The mounting must not only support the weight of the apparatus but also the forces applied by the fire-fighting occupant pulling on the hose. External fire hose reels need to be protected by a cabinet.
  • If there is insufficient pressure available a water storage tank and/or a pump must be installed to boost the hydrant pressure
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