Payment Policy

When you are ready to purchase your items, click the Proceed to Checkout button. Please log in if you have an account with us, if you do not already have an account you will be prompted to create one. You can also create an account here .
On your payment screen you will see the total amount of items (all prices are GST inclusive). Please add your payment method and billing address.
We ensure that every credit card transaction occurs within a secure environment. We do not retain your credit card information after your order is complete. Rather, it is submitted directly to our banks.
Fire Products Direct is committed to a secure, safe and enjoyable online shopping experience for all our customers. For your safety, Fire Products Direct has implemented a payment security screening process. Confirmation of customer details on certain orders may be required prior to an order being processed. We appreciate that you provide accurate and up to date contact information in the event we need to confirm the security of your order.


As an Australian Retailer you are protected by Australian Consumer Law and as such all products sold to you trough our website must be fit for sale.
You are guaranteed that the goods you buy from

  1. are of acceptable quality
  2. match the description, sample or demonstration model you were shown
  3. are fit for their intended purpose
  4. will have express warranties honoured.
  5. You will be entitled to a refund should any product not meet these standards.
In the case of a refund we may direct you to send the goods directly to the manufacturer or distributor for speedier service.
You are responsible for returning the product and associated costs.
Always contact us first before returning a product.

To request a price beat, first make sure you qualify.

The product you’re comparing must meet each of the following criteria to qualify for a price beat.

  1. If you’ve already purchased the product from our website and would like a price adjustment, it must have been purchased within the past 30 days.
  2. The product must be identical to the product purchased and as it appears on our website.
  3. The product must be priced in Australian Dollars and include all fees, shipping costs, and other charges.
  4. The product must be sold AND shipped by a retailer or authorised dealer located within Australia.
  5. The product must be in stock, available for sale, and cannot be a limited time offer or available only in limited quantity.
The product’s price must not be lower due to an advertising error, misprint, or special sale price.