Fire Extinguisher Brackets

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Fire Extinguisher Brackets

Fire extinguisher brackets can help make mounting extinguishers easier and simpler. Just make sure that you buy a good quality bracket that can give optimum protection for your extinguisher.

Fire Extinguishers must be easily accessible yet protected from external damages. One perfect solution for this is the fire extinguisher bracket. Compared with fire stands, these brackets offer added protection by storing extinguishers away from where they can usually be damaged-whether the dame inflicted in intentional or not. Fire extinguisher brackets help to mount the flame extinguishers with a certain degree of ease. Apart from making the installation process a lot easier, they are also responsible for providing necessary protection as well as keeping the device intact within place

Fire extinguisher brackets are perfect for mounting extinguishers of varying types such as Dry Chemical Powder ABE, C02, water, foam and wet chemical extinguishers. These brackets can be easily installed on any sturdy wall and can be used for extinguishers. One of the benefits of using fire extinguisher brackets is that they make it easier to use the extinguisher in cases of emergency. This is because it is easier to dislodge the extinguisher from the bracket than it is to lift it up from the floor (when it is placed on a stand). Another advantage is that these brackets store the extinguishers in a way that they are not prone to toppling over especially when the foot traffic in a particular area is heavy-for example, school hallways and passages. At the same time, when the floor space inside an office, a workshop, or any similar space is smaller than usual, then mounting extinguishers using fire extinguisher brackets frees up floor space while providing fire safety at the same time.

In choosing which fire extinguisher bracket to use, you must check the type of extinguishers that you have in the premises. For example, there are mounting brackets that are perfect for foam or water extinguishers, while there are those that can hold C02 extinguishers.

Mounting fire extinguishers is just another way of ensuring accessibility to fire safety equipment within any building premises. In doing so, you must ensure that you consider and follow the main principles of mounting fire extinguishers to any wall: first, using the right type of bracket; second, installing them in the appropriate locations; and third, placing a fire safety sign near the bracket.

Fire Extinguishers should be placed near or beside escape routes and in prominent sites where people can easily see them. It is also a great idea to mount them near fire alarms so that people can sound the alarm before fighting off the flames. Extinguishers that can only be used for a certain kind of flame should be located close to the risk. For instance, if you have a wet chemical extinguisher, mount it near the deep fat fryer. Remember that there should be at least one multi-purpose extinguisher in every level of the building or home. For larger or multiple risk areas, more extinguishers may be needed. Moreover, fire extinguisher signs should be placed on the walls to direct people to the location