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Fire blanket aren’t just for use in the kitchen, consider keeping one near your electrical equipment, or in the garage or any oil storage location. Grease and oil fires can be a serious problem. A fire blanket is best for use on small fires. Fire blankets are designed to put out small fires before they get started. Composed of materials that won’t burn, they’re useful if you can’t put out a fire with water. Some cases where you might need a fire blanket include grease and oil fires and electrical fires. If the stove or pan catches fire, never apply water – instead, use your first blanket. These useful, reusable safety devices can be stored in the kitchen in an easy to reach place. Likewise, if someone’s clothing catches fire, a fire blanket can be wrapped around them to extinguish it.

How and When to Use a Fire Blanket?

When to Use a Fire Blanket?

A fire blanket designed to smothers a small fires. And unlike a fire extinguisher, it doesn’t make a mess. Fire blanket is mainly used for small blazes, and by acting quickly, preventing them from becoming large fires. It is always important to keep your blanket is a easy to get to place in case a fire breaks out. There are many different ways a fire can break out. Such as:

– An oil or grease fire on the stove. These types of blazes cannot be put out with water so using the blanket will quickly put it out.

– It can also be used in a situation where someone clothing catches on fire. When this happens quick action is critical. Using the blanket will put out the fire and will not melt, drip, burn, catch fire, or stick to anything burning, including skin.

– Electrical fires happen quickly, without warning and can spread extremely fast. Using the blanket will help to stop the fire from spreading and will put it out fast.

How to Use a Fire Blanket?

Using it properly and moving quickly, will not only prevent the fire from spreading, but it will also prevent severe damage to what caught fire and well as protect you from being burnt as well.

– No matter what blaze you are putting out, be sure to protect your hands from the flames by wrapping your hands with the corner of the blanket. It is very important to not wrap your hands too tightly, because you will need to immediately let the blanket go once it is on top of the flames. It is also recommended that you purchase fire resistant gloves in order to prevent any type of mistake.

– Be sure to place the blanket directly on top of the fire, covering it entirely with the blanket. This will ensure there is no oxygen getting to any part of the fire.

– If a person is on fire you will need to throw the blanket on them, and then wrap it around them entirely to put out the flames completely.

Always keep in mind that if the blaze cannot be put out by the blanket, you need to immediately remove yourself from the area and contact the fire department. If your blanket does put out the flames, you need to allow your blanket to cool off for at least 30 minutes. Once it has cool and the blaze is out, you can fold it and store it for another use.

Fire Blanket

Fire blankets are stored in protective pouches or boxes and are folded to allow quick and easy opening of the blanket. Generally all that is required is to pull the tabs to release the blanket and hold the blanket by one edge of the material. With your thumbs and index fingers holding the blanket, position your hands so they are on the same side of the blanket as you are. Your hands should be parallel with the blanket, fingers pointing to the floor.

Allow the fire blanket to settle over the fire and leave it until the flames are fully extinguished and there is no longer smoke or fire. If you remove the material too fast the fire can re-ignite. Fire blankets should only ever be used once and thrown away. Having one or more of these simple, safe and easy to store blankets in your kitchen, camper and near your grill can really help in preventing small fires from becoming a big problem.