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Fire blanket are designed to put out small fires before they get started.

Composed of materials that won’t burn, they’re useful if you can’t put out a fire with water. Some cases where you might need a fire blanket include grease and oil fires and electrical fires.

If the stove or pan catches fire, never apply water – instead, use your first blanket. These useful, reusable safety devices can be stored in the kitchen in an easy to reach place. Likewise, if someone’s clothing catches fire, a fire blanket can be wrapped around them to extinguish it.

Fire Blanket

Fire Blanket

Fire Blanket Wholesale Online Fire blanket aren’t just for use in the kitchen, consider keeping one near your electrical equipment, or in the garage or any oil storage location. Grease and oil fires can be a serious problem. A fire blanket is best for use on small fires. Fire blankets are designed to put out […]