Australia Fire Extinguisher Types Guide (Update July 2020)

ABE Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher

Australia Fire Extinguisher Types Guide – 5 Top Fire Extinguisher Types that you need to know to protect yourself, your family or your business.

Fire Products Direct complete guide for Australia Fire Extinguishers:

What is Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher?

Dry chemical powder fire extinguisher is pretty much the most effective all round model available on the market today. It is the type of extinguisher most often recommended for use in the home or on a vehicle due to its impressive coverage of multiple fire classes. They generally come as ABE or BE variants and are rated for use on those types of fires. As an added bonus they are safe to use on electrical fires too which is an impressive extension to their usage. Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher most suitable for fires caused by flammable liquids and gases. These standard safety devices are safe to use on most types of fires, classified as class A, B and E. Since powder is its main component, this type of extinguisher works well in substances such as fat, oil, grease, butane and paint.

Fire Products Direct dry chemical powder range includes: 0.75Kg, 1Kg, 1.5Kg, 2Kg, 2.5Kg, 4.5Kg and 9Kg.

Australia Fire Extinguisher Types Guide

What is CO2 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher?

CO2 Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher is the only model that is recommended for a fire that involves electrical equipment. This is due to the fact the carbon dioxide gas is non-conductive and that once it has been discharged does not produce or leave any kind of residue as would happen if a powder or foam model was deployed. Another great use of the CO2 extinguisher is on Class B fires that involve flammable liquids, making this quite a versatile product. CO2 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher is perfectly safe to use on electrical equipment and will not damage the items or leave any harmful residue after. They are often combined with foam, water or water additive extinguishers to offer the maximum level of fire fighting capacity.

CO2 Fire extinguishers expanded as Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers work by cooling fire and by removal of oxygen from the fire spot. They contain a combination of CO2, liquid and a non-flammable gas. Due to the fact that CO2 is a gas at room temperature to store it in fluid form it should be stored at extremely high pressure. As and when a user releases the pressure from the extinguisher, the gas enlarges, reducing the temperature in air and bombarding a white cloud similar to snow. Since the gas is under pressure, dehydrated ice might flow from the extinguisher when it is in use.

Fire Products Direct co2 carbon dioxide range includes: 2Kg, 3.5Kg and 5Kg

CO2 Fire Extinguisher

What is Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher?

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers are especially designed for use on kitchen fires involving burning oil and deep fat fryers. These extinguishers come with a special, long application lance which allows you to safely lay a cooling layer of foam on top of the burning oil. We at Fire Products Direct value your safety, therefore we make sure that our products are effective and made with quality, all our fire extinguishers are compliant to Australian Standard AS 1841.

Wet chemical fire extinguisher works by cooling the flames and the oil material at the same time and sorts of overpower the hot kitchen oil so that there is no possibility of re-ignition. This fire fighting device is also designed with a long lance or nozzle providing some distance between you and the hot oil as you operate the extinguisher making it safe for you to use. It is also wise to remember that using other pressurized fire extinguishers be it foam or dry powder is not advisable as it can cause re-ignition and the pressurized jet would only spread the fire making it more dangerous and uncontrollable. Of course, a water fire extinguisher is one that you must entirely avoid using on cooking oil fires or for any other combustible liquids.

Fire Products wet chemical range includes: 2l and 7l

wet chemical fire extinguisher

How to Use Fire Extinguisher – in using fire extinguishers, it is always advisable to familiarize oneself with instructions. It is also crucial to understand relative procedures. There are also a couple of things to consider in handling equipment like dry powder fire extinguishers. First, hold the extinguisher’s lever firmly. Second, aim the jet towards the base of the flames. Third, for spilt liquids, try aiming the jet or horn towards the side of the fires instead of directing your aim towards the flames. In case of electrical fires, it is also recommended to directly aim towards the fire after switching off the current.

What is Foam Fire Extinguisher?

Foam fire extinguishers, by comparison, contain foam that forms a film rapidly. This knocks down flames. The film on top of the foam seals in vapours and prevents the fire from getting oxygen, so that it can’t reignite. All foam fire extinguishers are a good solution for situations where both class A and B fires.

Foam fire extinguisher is useful in case of a flammable solid fire or a liquid fire. You may be wondering what a solid and liquid fire is? Fires may either be caused by solid flammable objects (like cloth, wood, paper, etc.) or liquid inflammable objects (like petrol, diesel, spirits, etc). When using a fire extinguisher, it’s important to know what kind of fire it is effective against. It is an essential part of fire safety and most people tend to neglect understanding this basic fact many times and pay heavily for it.

The primary advantage is that it is a non-toxic substance, which does not damage most materials. In addition, it works by putting out the fire in a progressive fashion and also ensures that re-ignition of the flammable liquid is not possible. It works by forming a layer over the fire and the burning materials, effectively cutting off oxygen to it. This ensures that the burning liquid or solid will eventually cool down and not have access to heat that may cause re-ignition.

Fire Products Direct Foam Fire Extinguisher 9l


What is Water Fire Extinguisher?

Water Fire Extinguisher makes use of the oldest discovered extinguishing agent, remains to be one of the most popular tools for fighting fire even though there are more high-tech fire extinguishers that are available in the market today.

Water fire extinguisher is used for fires that involve burning wood, paper, cloth, plastic, rubber, and other similar materials. Since most homes and offices are equipped with such materials, most fires that happen in homes and offices involve certain types of these materials. Water fire extinguishers are thus very effective tools for putting out fires that originate from these items.

Remember that all safety devices need to be maintained properly. The maintenance and testing procedures likewise helps in determining possible repairs, recharging or replacement. Pressure testing is also a recommended procedure that helps in examining the condition and safety of cylinders. regular check-ups and inspections are necessary in order to properly maintain your equipment. Make sure that your equipment is serviced and checked for any possible damage or need for repairs.