Know Your Foam Fire Extinguisher

Foam fire extinguishers, by comparison, contain foam that forms a film rapidly. This knocks down flames. The film on top of the foam seals in vapours and prevents the fire from getting oxygen, so that it can't reignite. All foam fire extinguishers are a good solution for situations where both class A and B fires.

Some fires can actually be spread or made worse by the methods used to put other types out. For instance, you should never pour water on a grease fire, as it can actually move the burning oil to another location. Don't get electrical fires wet, because there's a risk of electrocution. Many foam fire extinguishers are certified for type A fires (combustibles like paper, wood, coal, and other normal fires), and type B fires (liquids like oil, spirits, or petrol, but not cooking oils).

When you use a fire extinguisher of any kind, the first step is to make sure that others are aware of the fire. Let people in the same building know, or call the fire department, before you attempt to tackle the fire on your own. Be certain that your head is clear of smoke and fumes, the cause of up to seventy percent of fire related deaths. Also, be absolutely sure you know how to use the extinguisher before attempting to put out the fire. Check the type of extinguisher you have to make certain that it's appropriate for the fire at hand. Never let the fire get between you and the exit from the room.

Once you know that everyone has been alerted, and you're safe, you can use the extinguisher. Only try to put out small fires that are just getting started. Larger ones are unsafe. Release the foam fire extinguisher trigger by pulling the plastic tag out, and take firm hold of the hose. Lay a blanket of powder or foam on top of the area where the fire is to smother it. Remember that you can always leave the area if the extinguisher is exhausted or you're not sure about attempting to put the fire out on your own. Don't be tempted to walk or stand in an area where you've extinguished a fire, since it may reignite.

Using the right type of fire extinguisher is very important when you have to deal with a fire. Always follow the safety and use instructions printed on the outside of the container. These types of extinguisher may be found in garages, factories, workplaces, and just about anywhere you might encounter a fire. Regular maintenance is important to make sure that your extinguisher functions properly. Always be as safe as possible around a fire. That means using the right extinguisher, making sure it's charged properly, and using it safely.

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