Know Your Location Sign

Location signs should be seen even during low light conditions. These signs indicate locations of emergency exits, fire-fighting equipment such as extinguishers and the fire hose, stairs, exit routes, hazards, and so on. Extinguisher signs are some of the most important signs that you should have in your business area. In the event of a fire, people's first reaction would be to decide whether to fight or flee. If you have trained employees to use extinguishers, they will need to be able to locate these tools as fast as possible. An extinguisher sign would make it easier for them to do just that.

Not everyone going in and out of your place of business would be familiar with escape routes or fire extinguisher locations. In times of an emergency, when most people are likely to panic, they would probably forget about where the fire exit or the fire extinguisher is. For this reason, it is only right that you install fire location signs, which are truly crucial for fire emergencies.

Additionally, fire extinguisher signs such as the fire extinguisher chart clearly delineate the different types of extinguishers as well as the classes of fire they are suitable to tackle. The different types of extinguishers include water, foam, powder, CO2 and wet chemical.

Fire extinguisher signs surely are vital tools that are especially useful during emergencies.

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