Know Your Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

The kitchen is one area in the house where there is a likelihood of a fire occurring due to the presence of flammable liquids such as cooking oil. If you are one person who is conscious of fire safety measures, you would have kept a wet chemical fire extinguisher in your home for possible occurrence of kitchen fires as this is the only one known to safely extinguish fires caused by cooking oil and deep-fat fryer which is why this type of extinguisher is seen in commercial kitchens.

Before the advent of wet chemical extinguishers, the most commonly used kind of extinguishing agents on such flammable or combustible liquids was either foam or dry powder extinguishers. However, both kinds of fire extinguishers which are applicable to most types of combustible liquids like gasoline, kerosene, grease, and oil have not really been successful in containing fires caused by the hot kitchen oil without putting the individual operating it at some risk. There is the possibility of creating a splash once the extinguishing agent had contact with the hot oil and can also exacerbate the fire if the temperature cannot be lowered or controlled.

The wet chemical fire extinguisher works by cooling the flames and the oil material at the same time and sorts of overpower the hot kitchen oil so that there is no possibility of re-ignition. This fire fighting device is also designed with a long lance or nozzle providing some distance between you and the hot oil as you operate the extinguisher making it safe for you to use. It is also wise to remember that using other pressurized fire extinguishers be it foam or dry powder is not advisable as it can cause re-ignition and the pressurized jet would only spread the fire making it more dangerous and uncontrollable. Of course, a water fire extinguisher is one that you must entirely avoid using on cooking oil fires or for any other combustible liquids.

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