Know Your First Aid Kit Use

Many inexpensive first aid kits are so simple that they provide little assistance in cases of emergency. Be sure that any kit you purchase is complete. If you do purchase a kit that only contains band aids, tape and some gauze, add some items of your own to complete the kit.

So what makes a good first aid kit? A good kit contains a diverse and complete supply of first aid items needed for emergencies such as sanitizing products, bandages and tape, a first aid guide, splints, medicine, and lotions such as sunscreen and lip ointment. Many complete first aid kits are sold online or may be assembled yourself, though the cost of building your own kit may be greater than purchasing a pre-assembled kit. If you decide to build a kit yourself, keep in mind where the kit will be stored and build the kit according to potential emergencies that may present themselves in the immediate area where the kit will be stored.

Sanitizing items such as alcohol pads and antibiotic ointment are the first priority when treating a wound or injury. Wounds must be cleaned with effective sterilization equipment before they are bandaged to avoid infection. Infection can be a silent attacker in injuries that can add to the severity of the injury. Be sure to keep enough sterilization supplies in your first aid kit.

Once the injury is cleaned properly, sterile bandages are applied to keep the injury clean, support it and protect it from further injury. Include bandages of various sizes in your first aid kit. You may have to add bandages of different sizes to a simple commercial first aid kit. Only having band aids in the kit does not adequately prepare you for injuries.

Splints, medical tape and gauze are important for injuries that require support until help can arrive. Popsicle sticks work well for finger splints. Medicines are another essential part of any first aid kit. Ibuprofen, aspirin and antacid tablets are common items in a complete kit. Be sure you are prepared for physical ailments that could keep you from functioning properly in an emergency situation.

A final necessary item to include in your first aid kit is a first aid guide. First aid guides are inexpensive and can be purchased online. Don't rely on your memory or your education to use your first aid kit properly. Emergency situations can be stressful and emotionally intense causing you to panic. You may not be able to think clearly and remember first aid procedures you have learned in the past. First aid guides will give easy instructions to whoever is using the kit.

Three important places to store a first aid kit are in your home, in your car and at work. Since most of your time is spent at these places, make sure you have enough kits to help the potential number of people who may need one in any of these locations. Finally, after you have obtained your first aid kits and have placed them in the key areas listed above, be sure to review the contents of the kits every few months to see if any items need to be restocked. Always keep your kits complete and up to date.

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