Know Your Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

For sensitive equipment, particularly emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers they must be kept in high quality, tamper proof and yet easily accessible containers. This is why selecting fire extinguisher cabinets for the fire extinguishers in your establishment are very important. In addition to keeping your valuables and other important documents in a fire and waterproof Honeywell safe, a good fire extinguisher cabinet makes sure that putting out fires becomes an efficient endeavor in the case of an emergency. This post is about making sure we get the right type of extinguisher cabinet that is right for us.

The first and foremost factor to consider is the size of the fire extinguisher contained. Extinguishers come in different sizes, different weights and as well as different classes. For example, a 5kg electrical extinguisher would be of a different height with a normal 9kg extinguisher. In general, the bigger your establishment means you need heavy duty fire extinguisher. The load capacity of fire extinguisher cabinets shouldn't matter too much for as long as you are using one made out of polyethylene - which is more durable and will last for the long term unlike older models that use wood or fiber glass.

The second factor is where you plan to accommodate your fire extinguisher. Usually, businesses and industries would place them differently. Of course, you want it to be readily accessible in the case of an actual fire. Thus, it should be placed where fires may potentially start such as in the kitchen, where there are fabrics and where there is heavy duty electronic equipment. If it is locked, you make sure that the trained personnel in the area would know how to unlock it (i.e. where the key is -such as on the master's desk or in the Honeywell safe.) There are also special fire extinguisher cabinets available made for moving vehicles such as for use in fire prone cargo trucks and ones that can accommodate more than one fire extinguisher.

When it comes to the actual installation of the cabinet, it is relatively easy and simple. However, for increased safety is always better to consult with the experts such as a reputable fire safety equipment dealer or fire station. This also makes sure that your establishment makes gets a satisfactory rating with the fire risk assessment. This way, you make sure that you practically get maximum safety as well as a good record for complying with the law.

Make sure that the products you acquire in safeguarding your sensitive equipment are always of good quality. This ensures that your extinguishers last for years in their protective cabinets. Also, make sure that you obtain other safety equipment for storage of other important objects such as the aforementioned Honeywell safe. For protecting our assets, our people and our business as well as complying with Australia law we must maximize our safety by always making sure we take no risks especially when it comes to fire safety.

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